Seasonal dishes

I'm a huge fan of seasonal dishes. Vegetables will taste much better when they're fresh from the land, and let's be honest, a hearty boerenkoolstamppot might not be first on my wish list if it's 30°C (86°F) outside.

The Dutch cuisine has a great seasonal tradition. The climate of the Netherlands is heavily influenced by the sea, which causes cool summers with generally good weather, although rainshowers and thunderstorms do occur. In winter, the sea warms our lands to slightly above the freezing point, with days-long drizzles being the rule rather than the exception. During these dreary days, there's nothing better than Dutch comfort food like stamppotten to bolster your energy and morale alike.


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In the days of old, only those vegetables with a long shelf life or good resistance to frost would be available, such as potatoes, carrots, onions and kale. These were often combined into the easy to make stews known as stamppotten, many of which are the ideal comfort food for a dreary winter day.

Boerenkool (Dutch colcannon )

Main 40min

Hachée (Dutch beef stew )

Main 3h

Hazenpeper (Hare stew )

Main 2h

Hete Bliksem (Apple-potato stew )

Main 1h 30min

Kerststol (Dutch Christmas bread )

Dessert 2h

Snert (Dutch pea soup )

Main 3h

Stoofperen (Poached pears )

Side 2h


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December is a busy month in the Netherlands. Besides Christmas and New Year, the feast day of Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) is celebrated, each with its own culinary traditions.

Banketstaaf (Marzipan roll )

Snack 1h 20min

Kerststol (Dutch Christmas bread )

Dessert 2h

Kruidnoten / Pepernoten (Spiced nuts )

Snack 30min

Oliebollen (New year's balls )

Snack 1h 5min

Speculaas (Speculaas cookies )

Snack 1h

Speculaaskruiden (Speculaas spices )

Spice blend 10min

Taaitaai (Taaitaai cookies )

Snack 30min

Brabantse Worstenbroodjes (Sausage rolls from Brabant )

Lunch, Snack 1h 30min